Welger SB 2600 - The modular series

In the production process of many industrial and commercial sectors, materials are generated that must be continuously collected and disposed of. With the modular SB 2600 series, Welger fulfills this requirement.

The baler SB 2600 is mainly intended for the production-dependent disposal at different collection points. Different variants are available for adapting to structural conditions and different material sizes.

Based on the basic model SB 2600, the baler can be equipped with various material feeders for automatic feeding, such as conveyor belt, by air technology, lifting and tilting devices and therefor easily integrable in production plants.

The Welger SB 2600 compresses voluminous cardboard and foils, big bags, film margins from production and processing, as well as nonwovens, corrugated and solid board and various special materials.

Features of the Welger SB 2600 series

  • Very compact press, flexible due to modular design
  • Extremely robust
  • Fully automatic
  • High profitability
  • Safe operation by emergency, protection and shutdown devices
  • Reduced storage, transport and disposal costs

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