Explanation of the working method

Function Welger RV 641

After being segregated, the recycling material is placed manually on the feed table of the machine. Once collected by the conveying belt, it is led into the compacting chamber and formed into a cylindrical bale by the rotating action of two belts. With a continuous material supply, the two conveying belts form a cylindrical bale and continuous compaction occurs as the machine operates. The operation can be stopped as needed in the baling process. During every interruption the material remains compact and under constant pressure. Therefore the material cannot re-expand in the machine.

The filling level is shown continuously via a LED display. After achieving the preselected bale size the wrapping is started manually by placing the binding material into the feed intake. Depending on the quality of the compacted material the bales are wrapped with stretch film automatically. After the process is completed, a cutting device cuts the binding material. The baling chamber can then be opened electronically by using a switch on the operating console and is closed again after bale ejection is complete. On the RV 642 an initiator counts the film-wrap for the bale. After completion cutting of the film and bale ejection are carried out automatically.

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